Local Concrete Woes? STL Polyjacking Has Your Back with Solutions

STL Polyjack is the best-rated Concrete Leveling in St. Louis.

Are you worried about uneven concrete sidewalks? Are you tired of having to park your car far away from your driveway due to its uneven surface? If so, we have the perfect solution for you that will ensure your safety and convenience.


Concrete is a remarkably robust building material. Its exceptional strength and durability make it a popular choice for constructing a wide variety of structures. However, when exposed to the elements, such as weather, moisture, and air, as well as the weight of people and objects, the concrete can gradually weaken over time, leading to a range of structural problems. These may include cracks, shifting, or even collapse, which can compromise the safety and integrity of the building.


Replacing the damaged concrete is not the only way to fix it, As a leading concrete leveling company in St. Louis, we have ways through which we can fix the concrete if it isn’t damaged that much. It is known as Polyjacking. 


What is Polyjacking?

Polyjacking is the process of lifting or fixing concrete structures instead of reconstructing them. The movement of soil or the vacuum space will cause the concrete structure to sink. We will fill that place with polyurethane foam. This special foam expands after injecting closes the space underneath the concrete space and lifts the concrete. 


How We Do It: 



The process of concrete leveling begins by inspecting the damaged area, and if it can be fixed by concrete leveling services. 



The polyjacking process requires small holes to inject the foam. So we’ll make small holes adjacent to the concrete structure so that it can be repaired.


Polyjacking Process

Using high-pressure machinery, the polyurethane foam is pumped into spots to lift the concrete surface.



After the completion of the process, the drill holes are closed and the whole area will be cleaned. 


How much time do you think the whole process will take? Take a quick guess.... It doesn’t take much time, 2 to 4 hours is the maximum time it requires. The concrete lifted can be used after an hour of the repair process, making polyjacking an effective solution. 

If you’re looking for a Concrete Leveling Company in St. Louis, choose none other than STL Polyjack. We have 2 decades of experience in fixing concrete structures. Being a local contractor, we know the St. Louis area like the palm of our hand, no matter what kind of concrete work you have, contact us today!


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