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China Gas Boiler Introduction
The natural gas boiler is a kind of gas boiler. The natural gas boiler uses natural gas as fuel to heat the water through a gas burner. When the water temperature reaches the upper limit temperature of the set water temperature, the burner stops working and the boiler enters the automatic heat preservation state. The pure water is continuously taken out from the water outlet.
The fuel for gas-fired boilers is natural gas, city gas, coke oven gas, liquefied petroleum gas, biogas, etc.
When purchasing a gas boiling water boiler, it is necessary to explain what kind of fuel is the gas.
Because the difference in the calorific value of the gas is too great, the burner type of the boiler configuration is different.
The price of the whole boiler will not be the same, the lower the heating value of the fuel, the higher the price of the gas boiler.
Operating Principle
The gas boiler is equipped with a microcomputer controller and an imported brand gas burner. The solenoid valve is used as a water supply device. After the controller is set, the boiler starts to work fully automatically, and the tap water first fills the boiler.
Then start the burner to start heating, after the furnace water reaches the set temperature, the solenoid valve that controls the boiler water inlet is opened, and the tap water enters the boiler from the lower part of the boiler.
Thereby, the boiling water is pushed into the insulated water tank from the water outlet of the upper part of the boiler, and the heat preservation water tank can continuously supply a large amount of boiling water.
In addition, the top of the insulated water tank is equipped with a water temperature control probe, and the water is automatically replenished below the set water level to automatically stop the water supply when the set water level is reached, and the boiling water in the water tank is always kept full without overflow.
The gas-fired boiler can also be connected to the insulated water tank to meet the water demand of centralized water supply units such as hospitals and schools.China Gas Boiler


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