Paint By Numbers

This infographic is designed by Paint By Numbers.

Paint by number or color by numbers for adults and kids are kits having a numbered section on the canvas to better guide the aspiring artist through the process of painting. It is a very therapeutic process and can increase self-confidence, as well as improve motor skills. It’s also proven to increase concentration and helps a lot with the relaxation of the mind and of the body. We provide high-quality canvas and paintbrushes and we have one of the biggest libraries of canvas by number kits for adults. Enjoy a brief brain break and use our unique canvas to enjoy the colorful artistic creativity that paint by numbers brings to you. Beautiful Variety of paint by number for adults and kids alike. Just match the numbers and paint. We have a great series of painting kits and customized paint by numbers canvas. Just use the paintbrushes and get started.

Source: Paint by Number Accessories


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