The 10 Best Vehicle Tracking Software Providers in 2023

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For better visibility of the fleet operations, logistics and transportation businesses should opt for vehicle tracking software. The software offers features and solutions such as real time GPS tracking, video telematics, driver behaviour monitoring and a lot more. But the question remains- which software to choose?


It's best to invest in a vehicle tracking platform that has all the features to enhance the business operation and fulfil its requirements. Here is a list of  10 best vehicle tracking software providers to go for in 2023. 


What is a Vehicle Tracking Software?

In its most basic form, vehicle tracking software is an assortment of instruments designed to assist managers in monitoring vehicles from a distance. Transporters have access to real-time insights into the precise lat-long location of the trucks as well as other geographic data through hardware connection with GPS and software.


Receiving current and past data on a car's location, speed, routes, idling, and stoppage spots is the main function of GPS for car tracking systems. Hardware gathers this data, but software presents it all in an easily readable and organised manner.


10 Best Vehicle Tracking Software Providers in 2023

Certainly, here are more detailed descriptions of the vehicle tracking software providers I mentioned:

  • TrackoBit

It is widely regarded as the most accurate and reliable vehicle tracking software in the market. The platform offers real time tracking and updates with unbeatable accuracy. Additionally, automated solutions like driver behaviour monitoring, video telematics, fuel monitoring and route planning make it the most sought-after solution provider. 


2. Geotab

Geotab is known for its comprehensive telematics solutions. Their platform provides real-time GPS tracking, as well as detailed data on vehicle health and driver behavior. Geotab's software also supports custom reporting and analytics, making it a powerful tool for fleet management.


3. Samsara 

Samsara offers a user-friendly fleet management platform. It includes real-time GPS tracking, IoT sensor integration for monitoring various vehicle parameters, and safety features like dashcams. Samsara's software aims to provide end-to-end visibility into fleet operations.


4. Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect provides a range of fleet management solutions, including GPS tracking, route optimization, and maintenance management. Their software is designed to help businesses increase productivity, reduce fuel costs, and enhance safety.


5. Fleet Complete

Fleet Complete is a global provider of telematics solutions. Their platform offers real-time tracking, job dispatching, and customizable reporting. Fleet Complete's software is suitable for various industries, from logistics to field services.


6. Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman specializes in fleet management software and telematics solutions. Their platform includes features like real-time tracking, driver behavior monitoring, and compliance tools to assist businesses in improving safety and efficiency.


7. Omnitracs

Omnitracs serves commercial transportation companies with a suite of fleet management solutions. Their software covers areas such as real-time tracking, routing, and compliance management to help businesses streamline their operations and enhance safety.


6. GPS Insight

GPS Insight offers fleet tracking and management software that empowers businesses with real-time tracking, customizable reports, and alerts. Their platform is designed to help reduce fuel costs, optimize routes, and improve driver safety.


9. KeepTruckin

KeepTruckin is renowned for its electronic logging device (ELD) solutions, but they also provide vehicle tracking and fleet management features. Their platform aids businesses in compliance management, safety, and operational efficiency.


10. Telenav

Telenav provides connected car and location-based services. Their solutions include vehicle tracking, navigation, and mobile apps for a more enhanced driving experience. Telenav's focus is on improving the overall in-vehicle experience.


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Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Software

Real-time Updates: Businesses can stop manually updating their drives using an online car tracking system. Rather, they receive real-time fleet information directly from the road.


Vehicle and Consignment Safety: Businesses' response times are greatly reduced because they receive real-time updates. Moreover, ensuring vehicle and consignment safety is made easy with extra features like elocks, parking alarms, and immobilisation.


Insights on Vehicle Performance: Geospatial information such as vehicle speed, idle time, stopping summary, and route information can be obtained by manipulating basic lat-long data. Appropriate use of this data facilitates efficient fleet management.


Optimised Downtime and Maintenance: Vehicle downtime takes a huge hit on fleet business’ efficiency. But by tracking vehicles’ locations and performance, vehicle maintenance becomes simpler, and whatever downtime is there – will also be used for the fleet’s advantage.



Using vehicle tracking software comes with multiple benefits, such as real time tracking, analytical reports and advanced solutions such as fuel monitoring. Choosing the suited software will enhance the fleet operations of the business and even help with saving costs. 


TrackoBit is the best in the market when talking of vehicle tracking in real time. The accuracy TrackoBit offers is unbeatable and reliable. Advanced solutions such as driver behaviour monitoring, video telematics, and route planning automate and optimise the job.


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